Space Fairy

Next Stop Who Knows

Wednesday, November 20th, 2019

When I moved away from Ireland seven years ago I never expected to create a whole life in a new country. Originally it was an exciting adventure that took me to so many places experiencing new cultures and seeing things I had never imagined being able to see. I saw most corners of the earth and loved coming back home and sitting with my parents and telling them all my exciting adventures. My parents had travelled as far as Spain on a 2 week holiday once a year, so hearing my stories always filled them with excitement and delight at how brave I was and happiness seeing how much I was enjoying life.

My trips back home usually came every three months to begin with but over the years I came home less and less. Once a year I would always try to be home with my parents and if I could time that around Christmas I would. I loved coming home to see my parents and to see how much Dublin had changed over the year and experience the new sights and delights it had to offer. I felt like a tourist in my own town and spent the time whizzing around on my bike seeing all I could before setting off again.

Over the years Mum and Dad had retired and were making ends meet by renting out two bedrooms in their home. All my items appeared to be in the way and with each visit I would try and justify the need for me to keep so many things in their place. I wanted to make life a little easier for them as I know they didn’t want me to feel I was in the way. 

I began looking into storage and although my Mum was originally horrified of me removing all my belongings from the family home she understood I was being practical and agreed to come along to Space Storage with me to have a look and meet the team. Mum explained that this was a little upsetting for her as although I was away most of the year this officially felt like her 27 year old daughter was leaving home for good. I was amazed when I got to Space Storage and saw that the team saw this was difficult for my Mum. They showed such care and didn’t worry how long we spent asking questions or how many stories she told them about all my adventures. Mum patted my hand and said I have a good feeling about this place and I could tell that her upset was slowly disappearing.

In such a fast paced world where you feel each shop or place you enter is just trying to get you in the door to spend money it was so refreshing to actually sit and talk and feel no rush in trying to sort out all my most worthy possessions. For me it was peace of mind knowing I was leaving my items with people who care. 

So each time I am home I can pop off to Space and pick up my bike and off I go whizzing around on my bike and spending time with my lovely parents. 

Thanks Space Storage for allowing my adventures to continue, next stop who knows….. 

Stockpiling through Brexit!

Monday, September 30th, 2019

13 years ago today myself and my husband moved back from London to set up home and start a business. The car was jam packed with all our stuff and off we went on the boat dreaming of a new life. We found a house and settled into day to day life. We opened our business about a year later and things were slow to start due to the Recession and following recovery years but year on year we have had a steady flow of customers and orders are rising. This is great as we work all the hours we can between family life and the busy schedule of our children. 

Once the kids came along the business had to move from the house as we just couldn’t raise a family in a house full of product and paperwork and all that goes with it. We were consuming a garage with stock, the spare room was an office and the hall was filled with all the deliveries day on day. As we all know trying to fit a double buggy in a hall is a challenge but try one with a hall already crammed full of boxes.

We decided to take up a storage unit in Space Storage in Ballymount and had all our deliveries sent there. We took a second unit for all the invoices and paperwork that was necessary for us to keep for Revenue and tax returns. This was only a small locker whereas the stock went into a larger 150 square foot unit. We arranged for the unit to be shelved so we could find what we needed to fulfil our online sales without too much trouble. 

The difference taking the business out of our home was unbelievable and allowed us to switch off in order for us to enjoy family time. We finished work and came home and even if there was an emergency order that just had to go out, we could pop down to Space as we had 24 hour access to our unit. 

In the last three years we have been filled with uncertainty about whether to carry on with the business or not. As most of our stock is brought in from the UK we have been so worried about what impact Brexit is going to have on our business and with all the uncertainty it is hard to plan in such circumstances.

As Christmas is our busiest time of year and orders have already started to come in we know we need to make a decision quickly as the Brexit date looms closer and closer without any decisions on how it will affect us. To combat this problem we went to Space and sat down with Darren and came up with an affordable plan that would see us with twice the space we currently had to stockpile for this uncertainty. 

Over the coming weeks we have ordered our stock to carry us up to February next year and this stock will be held under lock and key in Space Storage. We have been able to calculate from last year’s sales and add in an additional percentage for any extras. This should hopefully see us over our busy period and carry us into next year when we can then make a better judgement on whether it is viable to continue in business.

Being with Space has allowed us to have a little more certainty that 2019 will end well for our business. I am also sure it will allow us save our homes extra space for more important things like gifts from Santa for the kids this year. Hopefully when 2020 rolls around we will have more of an idea with what is happening in the UK but for now Space has taken our worry away and we don’t need to spend the days glued to the news and wondering what if!
Thanks Space Storage for helping us navigate Brexit. 

Help We Are Going Camping!!

Tuesday, July 23rd, 2019

When your kids ask you a question like “Mum, can we go camping?” You begin to panic, camping, sleeping outside, roughing it……. But you know that this will make the best memories and be something that they will look back on for the rest of their lives and say remember that time we went camping. So you put aside all your own worries about it and do it for them. 

So off we went to the shops to pack up what we needed for our first trip sleeping in a tent. We managed to buy a tent that looked like it would fit a family of eight, so we four would have lots of room to roll about if needed. We bought sleeping bags, pillows, a small cooker, pots, pans, plates, cups, we may as well have been buying the whole shop there was so much stuff to think about. 

We began to plan our trip to the south of Ireland and realised that we could bring our bikes along, so back we went to the camping shop to buy the attachment to hook the bikes onto the back of the car. At the rate we were going we had spent just as much as if we had been going all-inclusive in Barbados! 

We packed up the car with everything and off we went. The kids screaming with excitement about sleeping under the stars and having your dinner outside. It is the little things with kids that make the best memories. So it would be five days jam packed full of new experiences. 

We arrived at the camp site and I have to say pitching the tent was slightly stressful but as usual the kids giggled the whole way through and found the whole thing hilarious. Finally when we had it done, we went exploring, and within minutes it was like the kids were naturals at the outdoor living. 

The five days flew by and each day was filled with more memories. We swam in the lake and we were canoeing every morning, we fished, we climbed trees and it was just amazing. When the time came to pack up and head home we were feeling sad but exhausted. The kids only thought was when can we go again.

When we packed the car we were unsure we were going to pack away all our new items. It’s not easy to find a space in an already over packed house for an eight person tent!! We knew we would be using it all again and maybe even before the end of the summer, if the kids have their way that is. 

We looked at our watches and noticed that it was 5pm and as we were driving home we noticed that Space Storage was still open. We popped in with the car still full. We spoke to Darren and he showed us a 25 sq foot unit and there and then we moved in and packed up our unit. It was that easy. We got 24 access so we knew that if we fancied packing up the car at 7am one morning we could shoot off on another adventure. 

The kids have already picked their next ten holidays and it all involves sleeping in a tent! Making memories and lots of summer fun, thanks Space Storage


My Small business is taking over my house…..HELP

Monday, April 1st, 2019

I have worked as a book keeper all my life and used to work in the middle of town in a very busy office with a vast amount of space for all the files and documentation for all our customers. With this line of work records and paperwork must be kept usually for seven years and sometimes more in order to satisfy legal requirements. Even with the introduction of technology and email and most companies now issuing invoices and paperwork by email there is still boxes and boxes of documentation that must be kept.

For one company that can pose as a bit of a headache but when many companies are outsourcing this work to you, you are not only the person who processes all the accounting function of a business but you must now also store all this information also. Working in large companies this was never a problem as most offices come with storage space to allow this.

Five years ago I left my city job to start a family and once the kids had got past the baby faze and I realised that the bills still had to be paid I started to see that there was a huge opportunity for me to help out some friends, family and local business with the endless headache of their accounts. I began with the local hairdresser and butchers, a neighbour who was an electrician and another who was a plumbers books. It was great when the kids went to bed my laptop came out and I started to tap away and get the work done. I had a box for each customer and would place any receipts, or bank statements etc inside for each customer.

The first few months of my little business were great and as the months went by I was getting more work and my list of customers were building. I was really growing quickly. However it started to impact on the house a little. The corner of the kitchen now had a wall of boxes with paperwork and the clothes horse that was once there had now been shoved into the hall meaning the buggy now had to be a permanent feature in my boot which when you need to go shopping and forget can prove quite the headache…… I needed a solution.

Someone had mentioned a storage unit and I wasn’t sure if it would work. There was the issue of needing to be able to access files at different hours of the day so I needed somewhere accessible. There was also the issue of security as this was very confidential information. And lastly I needed something that was not too expensive as the one thing I loved with my little business was that I had very few overheads. This meant that any money I made was actually mine.

I started to search companies and there were a few to choose from in Ballymount, however from the minute I phoned Space Storage I knew that was the one for me. They suggested I pop out and take a look at their facilities, so I did and the whole thing took about twenty minutes to organise. It was so efficient and they were so helpful. I had even brought a carful of boxes and was able to pop those in my new safe storage unit straight away. I had 24 hour access too which meant there was no problem and I could come at any time and collect what I needed.

My home is now back to normal and being able to keep home and my work separate is amazing. I never have the unexpected surprise of a buggy in my boot and a trolley full of shopping dilemma again. Thanks Space Storage


16 Degrees in February

Wednesday, February 27th, 2019

16 degrees in February is unheard of in most place in the world but 16 degrees in Ireland in February is definitely unheard of. As soon as the heat hit on Monday the washing lines were filled with clothes, the kids played out and people longed for the carefree summer days after the dark days of winter.

Although this is probably a false hope for the weeks ahead and we are sure to revert back to rain, and wind and possibly even snow, it fills us with ideas for the time ahead. Maybe it is time to get the garden ready for the summer barbeques and long evenings sitting out with a glass of wine in hand and a book enjoying it. Why not prepare now and have it all ready to just throw open the doors and enjoy the weather when and if it comes. In this country we do not have the best summers but when the good weather comes wouldn’t it be great to be ready for it for a change and this is what February sunshine may just be for.

So I sat with my pen in hand and wrote a list of what I wanted to surround me this summer and how I was going to transform the jungle that is my garden into a place of peace and calm in order to enjoy any sunshine that may come our way.

So number one on the list was a big comfy chair, perhaps even a swing to sit in gazing up at the sunshine. Number two a table and chairs to sit and enjoy dinner and the company of friends. Number three a barbeque to cook the burgers and steak, I could even catch a glimpse of the smell as I wrote the words on the page. I tapped into my online shopping website and started to add each of the items to my basket. With chairs comes cushions and with tables table cloths, large umbrellas, statues of Buddha to add to my place of zen. My shopping basket quickly began to fill, but luckily as it was still only February these items were selling a lot cheaper than they would in July or August when the masses need to buy them. This February sunshine was saving me a fortune and getting me organised.

So in the coming weeks I had made a plan, flowers would be planted, grass would be cut and weeds would be dug. I had ordered paving stones and even my dream of having a small pond was becoming a reality. My garden would be a place to enjoy the summer days. I floated along on this wave of sunshine and preparation of the days to come. Spring really was a real time to make a new start.


But suddenly the thought struck me as I pushed confirm on my online order, last year….. The beast from the East, the snow….what if? You can’t have a barbeque sitting in the garden in the middle of a blizzard and I am pretty sure my swing would be frozen in place should the weather decide to turn. Lost in my dreams of zen and tranquillity I had maxed my card so an additional shed was not even an option.

Storage!! Of course! The place to lock away all my hopes and dreams for summer. Within minutes I logged onto the website and with a couple of clicks and a thirty euro deposit I had a space held for when all my items arrived. I could even have them delivered to my unit rather than having to try and squeeze it all in the car to bring to the facility. And even better still I had 24 hour access to my items, so if and when that sun decides to shine I can access my items and let those lazy summer days begin.

Thanks Space Storage

Cooking for Four

Tuesday, January 29th, 2019

When we bought our house we loved everything about it and as we went from room to room we always had a plan of what we would do to make the suit our taste. As a couple the house was perfect and we had more than enough room for the two of us.

Fast forward ten years, two kids, an attic conversion and a dog and we need a magic wand to make our once perfect sized space grow a little larger. Over the years we have added built in wardrobes, an attic, larger bathrooms but now we needed to accept that the biggest job so far needed to be tackled, The kitchen!

The kids both expressed a huge interest in cooking and with a husband who loved to cook and myself who loved to bake the current kitchen just wasn’t big enough to house our two eager sous chefs. It needed to be bigger.

We looked at plans to try and make the current space appear bigger but we couldn’t lose the large kitchen table or the now huge fridge freezer stuffed with enough food for four. Our options with what we currently had were non-existent.

There was only one option and that was to extend the space we had. We had quite a big back garden and we realised we could build on at the back to ensure cooking for four was less of a squeeze. We began pricing the job and became swamped with quotes and estimates and time lines of our project. It was a very stressful process and one we felt like abandoning on many occasions.  

Moving out while the work was going on didn’t seem feasible as the kids had to still go to school and we had to go to work. Our sitting room would now have to include a kitchen function until our dream kitchen was complete. But how on earth do you squeeze two rooms into one. We needed more space.

We went online and found Space Storage and began simply by ordering some boxes. I cleared the book shelves and boxed away countless books and photographs and the book shelf quickly became an area to store cups and plates and pots and pans. I boxed away anything I could to create more space so we could bring the kitchen essentials into the sitting room.

We then contacted Space Storage and reserved a 75 square foot unit to house all these boxes. While there we spoke to one of the storage experts who advised us that moving just one large piece of furniture from the sitting room could be the answer to our problem. So one of our large leather couches easily fit inside the unit creating a huge amount of space for the fridge freezer and table to be brought in. It was the perfect solution. We now have a clear space for the builders to work away and we won’t have to disturb them.

As the renovation is still ongoing any items that we have ordered like tiles, an extractor fan, plates, knives, forks even have been ordered and delivered to Space so we can ensure that someone is there to accept our delivery. Another thing the storage team told us we didn’t have to worry about.

In a particularly stressful time, Space Storage provided us with the solutions to make the whole process a little easier. They knew when we planned to store for eight weeks that quickly would turn into twelve weeks and that was never a problem. There was always a member of their storage team on the end of the phone offering advice about how to proceed or suggesting ways to make the whole situation easier. The space team have made out dream of cooking for four become a little closer and soon our sous chefs will be happy cooking up a storm. Thanks Space Storage.  


That Spooky Time of Year

Tuesday, October 16th, 2018

My kids had been counting down the weeks since the summer. Once summer finishes in our house the next milestone we count down to is Halloween and then of course Christmas. To watch how excited my children become really is magical and you cannot help but get caught up in their excitement.

As we have our attic converted in our house we have all our decorations stored away in our storage unit in Space Storage in Ballymount. My kids start begging each week from around the middle of September for me to go and get the decorations from the unit. I try and hold off until the first of October and then when I come home loaded with decorations their faces light up!

The thought of scrunching through the leaves to go door to door knocking and asking for sweets and treats has them fit to burst with excitement. Each year each house on the estate is decorated to perfection and the “oooo look at this one mum”, you cant help but get into the spirit.

Their little faces with smiles reaching from ear to ear as their bags get filled with more sweets each time. How on earth they expect to be able to eat even half of this bag of sweets is a miracle but that won’t stop them trying and begging for just one more mum, pleassssssse!! The dentist bills would be through the roof if I let me.

Each year we have a tradition for both Halloween and Christmas that we choose a new decoration for our house. It started off small like a light up pumpkin or Spider for the window and each year we seem to get something bigger and bigger. Last year my husband surprised the children with a skeleton, they named him bones and he had pride of place in our window for the whole month of October.

When my husband announced it was time this year to head off Halloween shopping my children decided that bones needed a wife!! So off they went to the shops bursting with excitement. The shop was packed with all sorts of decorations that were flying out the doors with each customer there for the same thing, to make their house as scary as possible.

As soon as my children spotted the female skeleton with the green light up face, they just knew that was her. She was named Bonetta and she was the perfect wife for Bones. They skipped home and we began our display in the window, Bonetta by the front door ready to greet and scare any callers. The giggles out of the two of them each time the doorbell rang was infectious and they howl with laughter as the person behind the door gets a fright when they catch sight of Bonetta.

As our collection of decorations grow and grow having a storage unit is the perfect place to pack them away ready for when October rolls around again. If my kids had a choice when I put the Halloween decorations back into the storage unit the Christmas ones would come straight out, but they will have to wait a little longer for that.

Happy Halloween from Bones, Bonetta and all at Space Storage


Changing Seasons, Changing times

Thursday, September 20th, 2018

As the autumn approaches us and the leaves begin to fall off the trees life is really about to change and there is a lot of decisions to be made.  My eldest daughter is about to make a very exciting journey as she steps away from school and starts the next part of her journey in university.

We live in the UK and she had made the decision to move to Ireland to study medicine two years ago now but it still didn’t make it any easier getting her ready to leave the family home. As I watched her begin to pack up boxes and shop for what she needed to take with her, I couldn’t believe how quickly time had passed.

She could not believe the amount of items she had accumulated over the years and deciding what to bring and not to bring appeared to be causing her a lot of worry. She wasn’t sure exactly what student accommodation was going to be like and what she would or wouldn’t have room for. The university had sent her on a list of what she needed including towels, pots and pans, bedding, dishes, etc. We had decided to buy the bulk of the items in the UK and try to send them over prior to moving over.

So we packed up boxes and suitcases and she even decided to bring her keyboard and guitar and we wrapped everything up ready to ship over. The student accommodation proved a little tricky as they could not accommodate her belongings before she arrived on campus and as I wanted to help her move in we needed everything to be there when we arrived.

This is when we realised we needed a stop gap between home and uni. It was ideal really to find somewhere we could store her items and then know what she did or didn’t have space for. Having somewhere too meant that the weekends where she wanted to come home, she could securely lock away any items that she didn’t want to leave in her student pad and not have to worry about them going astray while she wasn’t there.

We began searching and found Space Storage in Glasnevin, it was only a short journey from her university and we got everything sent to her storage unit before we took a flight over. They organised everything and literally had the contents in the unit and under lock and key ready for when we got there.

We flew over and first travelled to the university and measured up what size space we had to put her things in to. We then spoke to the team in Space and they organised a storage taxi. Basically a member of staff drove her contents to university and we did all the loading and unloading of what we could fit in. This kept the costs down and we were able to transport the items back into her storage unit if they didn’t fit. Going forward she is keeping a 16 sq foot unit for items she can take in an out as she wishes. As she will be in and out of lectures all day it means I can send her parcels or clothes to her storage unit and she won’t be missing deliveries too which is great.

Thanks Space Storage for making the move so much easier and all we need to worry about is how many weeks until she can come home for a visit!

Hope you enjoyed meeting our customer, the Space Fairy


Let’s Store Away the Sunshine

Wednesday, August 8th, 2018

For years to come we will talk about the summer of 2018 and all the memories that were made. The summer was one of the first of its kind in Ireland as we actually got to see the sun, the children actually got to wear t-shirts and shorts and play out until nine pm at night and have ice cream every day. There was so many memories made that will last a life time and be talked about as the best summer ever!

We rushed to the shops and purchased paddling pools, before the water ban of course. Most days this was filled and splashing and laughter was heard from the back garden of all the houses on the estate as the children cooled down and had fun.

We dusted off the barbeque that lay out of work for the past ten summers and realised that it was time to buy a new one as this heat was here to stay. So off we popped to the shops again and bought the biggest one we could find. We ate dinner in the garden on our new garden furniture that simply had to be bought too. Friends came round and we sat in the garden enjoying the sun and eating and drinking till all hours in this glorious weather.

We hoped the weather was here to stay and as the weeks stretched out and it continued through July we thought we may just be in luck!
The smiles on the kids’ faces as they cycled to the local shops on their bikes, the car sat sadly in the garden unused for days at a time. We chose to cycle everywhere to make the most of every second of this sunshine as we knew that as quickly as it arrived it could disappear again.

But as August approached so too did a few grey clouds and the temps began to dip. This was the summer that we had grown used to over the years. Cooking the dinner on the barbeque under an umbrella. Planned excursions to places that were always overshadowed by well we will go once it’s not raining!

As the weather warnings of rain and wind begin to return we realise that the good weather has gone, so where on earth do we put the marquee that we bought that is sure to fly away in the gale force winds due. Or how do we stop the barbeque rusting in the torrential rain that the status yellow warning has predicted for Friday! The paddling pool will overflow!

The answer to that is a storage unit. A storage unit is the perfect place to lock away the barbeque, table and chairs and parasol for the next year we are set for a scorcher! Or maybe only until the kids go back to school and we are hit with an Indian summer in September. Whatever the weather we will be prepared for it and enjoy it as soon as it comes!

Thanks Space Storage


World Cup Storage

Friday, June 22nd, 2018

I remember the trip into town with my Dad to buy my first Ireland jersey. Off we went into Arnotts on the 49 bus. I was seven years old and had barely been able to sleep the night before with excitement. My Dad was a massive supporter and travelled far and wide to get to each match to show his support for the team and our country. I wanted to be just like my Dad.

From seven on my Dad took me to every match, each one I was kitted out head to toe in Jerseys, scarves, socks you name it, if it was green I had to have it. He bought me a match day programme every time we went too. A memory of the day that was and along with the scarf that was hung on my wall, it held pride of place in my bedroom. My bedroom was jam packed. My mum used to tell me I was football mad just like my Dad.

As the years passed this love for football just grew greater and greater and although our football team didn’t give us the chance to travel to every World Cup or Euros, I always had a second team to support. This meant that even if Ireland didn’t participate my poor Mum and Dad had to fork out on another jersey, football or sticker book to add to my collection.

Even when I moved out Mum still kept my room the same full of all the memories of each match Dad and I attended, a place where Dad and I could sit if we ever wanted to take a trip down memory lane and remember some great days together.

In the last ten years sadly I have had to travel to the matches alone as Dad has grown older but I still come back from each trip and sit with Dad and we discuss how we would have managed the team differently, what formation we would have chosen and if we stand a chance of qualifying for the next World Cup.

When my Mum and Dad made the decision to sell their house I had to pack up my bedroom into boxes. Boxes filled with memories of our love for the Ireland team and the sport. As I was just renting I didn’t have anywhere to keep such special memories and that’s what made me make the decision to have a storage unit. My storage unit is filled with all these memories ready to pass onto my own child when he or she gets to the age when I can teach them about the offside rule and never giving up on the Ireland team who will definitely be in the next World Cup!

Thanks Space Storage for allowing me keep my special memories of my time with my Dad locked away safe for when I need to pass them on.