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Cooking for Four

Tuesday, January 29th, 2019

When we bought our house we loved everything about it and as we went from room to room we always had a plan of what we would do to make the suit our taste. As a couple the house was perfect and we had more than enough room for the two of us.

Fast forward ten years, two kids, an attic conversion and a dog and we need a magic wand to make our once perfect sized space grow a little larger. Over the years we have added built in wardrobes, an attic, larger bathrooms but now we needed to accept that the biggest job so far needed to be tackled, The kitchen!

The kids both expressed a huge interest in cooking and with a husband who loved to cook and myself who loved to bake the current kitchen just wasn’t big enough to house our two eager sous chefs. It needed to be bigger.

We looked at plans to try and make the current space appear bigger but we couldn’t lose the large kitchen table or the now huge fridge freezer stuffed with enough food for four. Our options with what we currently had were non-existent.

There was only one option and that was to extend the space we had. We had quite a big back garden and we realised we could build on at the back to ensure cooking for four was less of a squeeze. We began pricing the job and became swamped with quotes and estimates and time lines of our project. It was a very stressful process and one we felt like abandoning on many occasions.  

Moving out while the work was going on didn’t seem feasible as the kids had to still go to school and we had to go to work. Our sitting room would now have to include a kitchen function until our dream kitchen was complete. But how on earth do you squeeze two rooms into one. We needed more space.

We went online and found Space Storage and began simply by ordering some boxes. I cleared the book shelves and boxed away countless books and photographs and the book shelf quickly became an area to store cups and plates and pots and pans. I boxed away anything I could to create more space so we could bring the kitchen essentials into the sitting room.

We then contacted Space Storage and reserved a 75 square foot unit to house all these boxes. While there we spoke to one of the storage experts who advised us that moving just one large piece of furniture from the sitting room could be the answer to our problem. So one of our large leather couches easily fit inside the unit creating a huge amount of space for the fridge freezer and table to be brought in. It was the perfect solution. We now have a clear space for the builders to work away and we won’t have to disturb them.

As the renovation is still ongoing any items that we have ordered like tiles, an extractor fan, plates, knives, forks even have been ordered and delivered to Space so we can ensure that someone is there to accept our delivery. Another thing the storage team told us we didn’t have to worry about.

In a particularly stressful time, Space Storage provided us with the solutions to make the whole process a little easier. They knew when we planned to store for eight weeks that quickly would turn into twelve weeks and that was never a problem. There was always a member of their storage team on the end of the phone offering advice about how to proceed or suggesting ways to make the whole situation easier. The space team have made out dream of cooking for four become a little closer and soon our sous chefs will be happy cooking up a storm. Thanks Space Storage.  


That Spooky Time of Year

Tuesday, October 16th, 2018

My kids had been counting down the weeks since the summer. Once summer finishes in our house the next milestone we count down to is Halloween and then of course Christmas. To watch how excited my children become really is magical and you cannot help but get caught up in their excitement.

As we have our attic converted in our house we have all our decorations stored away in our storage unit in Space Storage in Ballymount. My kids start begging each week from around the middle of September for me to go and get the decorations from the unit. I try and hold off until the first of October and then when I come home loaded with decorations their faces light up!

The thought of scrunching through the leaves to go door to door knocking and asking for sweets and treats has them fit to burst with excitement. Each year each house on the estate is decorated to perfection and the “oooo look at this one mum”, you cant help but get into the spirit.

Their little faces with smiles reaching from ear to ear as their bags get filled with more sweets each time. How on earth they expect to be able to eat even half of this bag of sweets is a miracle but that won’t stop them trying and begging for just one more mum, pleassssssse!! The dentist bills would be through the roof if I let me.

Each year we have a tradition for both Halloween and Christmas that we choose a new decoration for our house. It started off small like a light up pumpkin or Spider for the window and each year we seem to get something bigger and bigger. Last year my husband surprised the children with a skeleton, they named him bones and he had pride of place in our window for the whole month of October.

When my husband announced it was time this year to head off Halloween shopping my children decided that bones needed a wife!! So off they went to the shops bursting with excitement. The shop was packed with all sorts of decorations that were flying out the doors with each customer there for the same thing, to make their house as scary as possible.

As soon as my children spotted the female skeleton with the green light up face, they just knew that was her. She was named Bonetta and she was the perfect wife for Bones. They skipped home and we began our display in the window, Bonetta by the front door ready to greet and scare any callers. The giggles out of the two of them each time the doorbell rang was infectious and they howl with laughter as the person behind the door gets a fright when they catch sight of Bonetta.

As our collection of decorations grow and grow having a storage unit is the perfect place to pack them away ready for when October rolls around again. If my kids had a choice when I put the Halloween decorations back into the storage unit the Christmas ones would come straight out, but they will have to wait a little longer for that.

Happy Halloween from Bones, Bonetta and all at Space Storage


Changing Seasons, Changing times

Thursday, September 20th, 2018

As the autumn approaches us and the leaves begin to fall off the trees life is really about to change and there is a lot of decisions to be made.  My eldest daughter is about to make a very exciting journey as she steps away from school and starts the next part of her journey in university.

We live in the UK and she had made the decision to move to Ireland to study medicine two years ago now but it still didn’t make it any easier getting her ready to leave the family home. As I watched her begin to pack up boxes and shop for what she needed to take with her, I couldn’t believe how quickly time had passed.

She could not believe the amount of items she had accumulated over the years and deciding what to bring and not to bring appeared to be causing her a lot of worry. She wasn’t sure exactly what student accommodation was going to be like and what she would or wouldn’t have room for. The university had sent her on a list of what she needed including towels, pots and pans, bedding, dishes, etc. We had decided to buy the bulk of the items in the UK and try to send them over prior to moving over.

So we packed up boxes and suitcases and she even decided to bring her keyboard and guitar and we wrapped everything up ready to ship over. The student accommodation proved a little tricky as they could not accommodate her belongings before she arrived on campus and as I wanted to help her move in we needed everything to be there when we arrived.

This is when we realised we needed a stop gap between home and uni. It was ideal really to find somewhere we could store her items and then know what she did or didn’t have space for. Having somewhere too meant that the weekends where she wanted to come home, she could securely lock away any items that she didn’t want to leave in her student pad and not have to worry about them going astray while she wasn’t there.

We began searching and found Space Storage in Glasnevin, it was only a short journey from her university and we got everything sent to her storage unit before we took a flight over. They organised everything and literally had the contents in the unit and under lock and key ready for when we got there.

We flew over and first travelled to the university and measured up what size space we had to put her things in to. We then spoke to the team in Space and they organised a storage taxi. Basically a member of staff drove her contents to university and we did all the loading and unloading of what we could fit in. This kept the costs down and we were able to transport the items back into her storage unit if they didn’t fit. Going forward she is keeping a 16 sq foot unit for items she can take in an out as she wishes. As she will be in and out of lectures all day it means I can send her parcels or clothes to her storage unit and she won’t be missing deliveries too which is great.

Thanks Space Storage for making the move so much easier and all we need to worry about is how many weeks until she can come home for a visit!

Hope you enjoyed meeting our customer, the Space Fairy


Let’s Store Away the Sunshine

Wednesday, August 8th, 2018

For years to come we will talk about the summer of 2018 and all the memories that were made. The summer was one of the first of its kind in Ireland as we actually got to see the sun, the children actually got to wear t-shirts and shorts and play out until nine pm at night and have ice cream every day. There was so many memories made that will last a life time and be talked about as the best summer ever!

We rushed to the shops and purchased paddling pools, before the water ban of course. Most days this was filled and splashing and laughter was heard from the back garden of all the houses on the estate as the children cooled down and had fun.

We dusted off the barbeque that lay out of work for the past ten summers and realised that it was time to buy a new one as this heat was here to stay. So off we popped to the shops again and bought the biggest one we could find. We ate dinner in the garden on our new garden furniture that simply had to be bought too. Friends came round and we sat in the garden enjoying the sun and eating and drinking till all hours in this glorious weather.

We hoped the weather was here to stay and as the weeks stretched out and it continued through July we thought we may just be in luck!
The smiles on the kids’ faces as they cycled to the local shops on their bikes, the car sat sadly in the garden unused for days at a time. We chose to cycle everywhere to make the most of every second of this sunshine as we knew that as quickly as it arrived it could disappear again.

But as August approached so too did a few grey clouds and the temps began to dip. This was the summer that we had grown used to over the years. Cooking the dinner on the barbeque under an umbrella. Planned excursions to places that were always overshadowed by well we will go once it’s not raining!

As the weather warnings of rain and wind begin to return we realise that the good weather has gone, so where on earth do we put the marquee that we bought that is sure to fly away in the gale force winds due. Or how do we stop the barbeque rusting in the torrential rain that the status yellow warning has predicted for Friday! The paddling pool will overflow!

The answer to that is a storage unit. A storage unit is the perfect place to lock away the barbeque, table and chairs and parasol for the next year we are set for a scorcher! Or maybe only until the kids go back to school and we are hit with an Indian summer in September. Whatever the weather we will be prepared for it and enjoy it as soon as it comes!

Thanks Space Storage


World Cup Storage

Friday, June 22nd, 2018

I remember the trip into town with my Dad to buy my first Ireland jersey. Off we went into Arnotts on the 49 bus. I was seven years old and had barely been able to sleep the night before with excitement. My Dad was a massive supporter and travelled far and wide to get to each match to show his support for the team and our country. I wanted to be just like my Dad.

From seven on my Dad took me to every match, each one I was kitted out head to toe in Jerseys, scarves, socks you name it, if it was green I had to have it. He bought me a match day programme every time we went too. A memory of the day that was and along with the scarf that was hung on my wall, it held pride of place in my bedroom. My bedroom was jam packed. My mum used to tell me I was football mad just like my Dad.

As the years passed this love for football just grew greater and greater and although our football team didn’t give us the chance to travel to every World Cup or Euros, I always had a second team to support. This meant that even if Ireland didn’t participate my poor Mum and Dad had to fork out on another jersey, football or sticker book to add to my collection.

Even when I moved out Mum still kept my room the same full of all the memories of each match Dad and I attended, a place where Dad and I could sit if we ever wanted to take a trip down memory lane and remember some great days together.

In the last ten years sadly I have had to travel to the matches alone as Dad has grown older but I still come back from each trip and sit with Dad and we discuss how we would have managed the team differently, what formation we would have chosen and if we stand a chance of qualifying for the next World Cup.

When my Mum and Dad made the decision to sell their house I had to pack up my bedroom into boxes. Boxes filled with memories of our love for the Ireland team and the sport. As I was just renting I didn’t have anywhere to keep such special memories and that’s what made me make the decision to have a storage unit. My storage unit is filled with all these memories ready to pass onto my own child when he or she gets to the age when I can teach them about the offside rule and never giving up on the Ireland team who will definitely be in the next World Cup!

Thanks Space Storage for allowing me keep my special memories of my time with my Dad locked away safe for when I need to pass them on.

Should I stay or should I Go?

Tuesday, May 15th, 2018

The final essay has been handed in, the final exam completed, and the books have all been closed, so what next?? Should I stay or should I go? What are my options for the next three and a half months?

Do I travel, do I head back home or do I take that job and stay put for the summer months? I have my accommodation, my books, my clothes, my bike, my guitar, what on earth do I do with all that if I choose to head off island hopping for the summer?

The glossy magazines from the travel agent and endless days dreaming on trip advisor are calling me. Calling me to book the flight to Croatia to inter rail around Europe in the sunshine discovering and experiencing for the summer months without a care in the world.

So should I stay or should I go?

The accommodation I have is quite far from campus and my landlady has also said she would increase my rent this year so I have no ties to staying put where I am, but what on earth do I do with all my belongings. I cannot imagine that travelling with an endless array of items to be any fun. Inter-railing involves jumping on and off trains and having to drag items behind me makes it sound a lot less carefree. But what do I do?

I really do not want to have to sell off some of my items in order to just have to buy them again in September and all my friends seem to be in the same situation so anyone with access to a garage or a spare room from a relative has already got it stuffed to capacity.

So should I stay or should I go?

The want to go is so overwhelming and when I entered the student services office and saw a leaflet for Space Storage all my plans began to feel more real and I now had an option to go.

I rang Space and spoke to Darren who advised that I would need a 16 square foot unit and for that fee I would be able to store my belongings including my bike for the summer months. It even included a free pick up where they would come to my house and pick up my items and bring them to Space. It was perfect.

I paid for the three and a half months up front and then I went straight online and booked my tickets. I was going. I fly out this Saturday and I am off to Croatia, I am dreaming of staring out the window on the train taking it all in and making memories. This is what being a student is all about now the hard work is all done. So go on, ring Space and make it happen because while we all still can, let’s travel and see the world. Thanks Space Storage.

Make Our Space Yours,   from The Space Fairy

Who needs Space Storage?

Friday, March 30th, 2018

So here at Space Storage we are often asked about our customers and who they are. With three buildings in Ballymount and one in Glasnevin, who is occupying all this Space! We have many different customers who come and go on a regular basis and let’s face it everyone can do with a little extra Space in their life.

The Business Customers – Here at Space we have many different businesses using our storage to help run their operations at a fraction of the cost. A storage unit is an ideal stock room for people who specialize in online sales. We have a number of different coffee, make up, book, wine companies, to name a few who sell online and then store their stock in a storage unit, pick up the order here at space and then deliver it to their customer.

The Busy Business Customer – Getting a storage unit gives your business an address for post and deliveries to arrive at a more convenient time so you do not need to worry about missing a pick up and can concentrate more on developing your business.

The Nationwide Business – Space has also provided a central location for many companies who base their operation throughout Dublin or Ireland. Many companies hold stock for their staff in the storage unit. As the units have 24 access the staff then can come to the unit with their codes at a convenient time and pick up stock to complete their job. Many companies find this an excellent time saver from having to drive all over Dublin or further to ensure that their staff are stocked up and ready to go. We also have many UK companies and the storage space gives them an Irish location.

The Trade Customers – Many electricians, plumbers etc find the storage unit the ideal place to store parts to complete jobs. One customer said that being able to turn a quote into a job as quickly as possible often leads to them securing the job. “Having to make a customer wait to do a job just doesn’t work so knowing I have the parts ready to go in my storage unit allows me to offer the customer a quicker turn around. This has secured a lot of work for me.”

The Domestic Customer – Let’s face it houses today are all missing the space we need and never seem to come with enough storage. A spare room, attic, garage or shed often becomes overloaded with items and makes your home feel even more cluttered and shorter of space. We have many customers who use their storage unit as a space to clear out the attic for a renovation, or need to claim back the spare room for an extra member of the family due to arrive soon whether it is a new baby or a relative coming back from abroad.  

The House buyer – We all know buying a house is the time that you need a lot of patience and move in dates can change in the blink of an eye. Between exchanging contracts and receiving keys can seem like a life time and sadly often can be the time where the sale falls through. We have had many customers that Space has provided a stop gap to between moving out of one house and moving into another. Sometime this can be for a few weeks or sometimes a lot longer but anytime we try to make this already stressful time a little easier.


The World Explorer – whether you are a teacher with the summer months free or retiring and finally taking the trip of a lifetime, a storage space comes in very handy for storing your belongings and renting your house out for that time or saving on rent to add to your holiday budget. We have many customers who head off to Australia, Canada or the like for a few months or a few years and want to rent out their home or give up their rental property.  

The Student – We have many students who come to Ireland to study each year and rent out rooms or stay in college accommodation and then head home for the summer months. Making the long trip home can seem even more difficult if you have to drag your many possessions with you every time. Storage units are ideal for this and with units as small as 10 square foot the extra suitcases of clothes or boxes of college books can be stored away and there for you when you return to start back in September.

As you can see here at Space Storage we have many different customers and we try to make any situation a little easier for you by giving you the space you need to go forward with your plans. All our staff are here to help and will be able to recommend the space you need based on what you have to store. During opening hours we have an open door policy and will gladly be able to show you units as we understand that seeing the units makes it a little easier. To get a quote just pick up the phone and call Darren or Fergus, the storage experts on 01-4299972 and let us make our space yours.

The Space Fairy

Let’s put the New Year’s Resolutions into action

Monday, February 5th, 2018

So January brings about new plans and ideas for what is to come in 2018, but there is just one problem. The problem is by the time you make it through the holiday period some of the plans may seem slightly unaffordable. Our biggest New Year resolution this year was to travel more and see more of the world. My husband and I are both teachers and have the perfect opportunity to take our two kids off for two months during the summer. So we set to saving up for all of January in order to book.

We wanted to see Thailand, Cambodia and Malaysia and planned on using all of the two months to do it. We set about planning and booking each step of our trip and we all got more excited by the day. While the plans were endless the budget certainly wasn’t so we had to be careful with our money which meant scratching a few things off the to do list.

On discussing my trip with a colleague one day they asked why we didn’t rent out our home for the two months we were away. I had never thought of it and it now seemed like the perfect solution to earn a bit more holiday cash and also not leave our house completely unattended for two months.

We began looking into it and although larger items of furniture could remain in the house they suggested maybe storing anything of sentimental value or worth. So we set about boxing up items and slowly but surely we realized that we would have more to store then we thought. Our original plan of asking our parents to keep it in the spare room just did not seem feasible now.

We began researching on the internet and that is when Space Storage popped up. We took a look at their website and noted that they had facilities in Ballymount. We gave Darren a call and he told us to pop down and have a look at the facility and bring along any questions we may have. So we did. We viewed a number of different units and decided that a 50sq foot would suit perfectly. We paid a €30 deposit to hold the unit for move in on the 29th June. And that was it, it was that easy.

We can now go away with the peace of mind knowing that our belongings are stored away with the experts and will all be there when we get back from our trip of a lifetime. We are now counting down the months and all out New Year’s resolutions are coming through.
Thanks Space Storage

Hope you enjoyed meeting our customer, the Space Fairy


November the perfect month for a clear out!

Tuesday, November 7th, 2017

So Halloween is behind us and before the jingle bells start ringing, before the relatives book their flights to visit or before you even allow the kids to think about writing letters.. you must tackle the problem that is staring you in the face. How on earth will it all fit? Your three bedroom house feels like it is shrinking under the pressure as the days start to speed up. The perfect solution is a good old clear out to free up an extra living space for Granny to come and stay.

November is the perfect month, the month you realise that the exercise bike and home gym equipment you were bought for your Christmas present last year really wasn’t a good idea! It is now crammed in behind the bed in the spare room, still in its original packaging begging to be used. Maybe I could sell it you think? I pull the bike, weights, yoga ball and mat out of the spare room and put it in the hall and suddenly the room has transformed in front of my eyes. Wow it is now the perfect place for guests, Granny will be delighted.

Next I enter the children’s bedrooms, toys, teadys, books, every space is squashed to capacity. I start to compile a pile of unused items and before I know it I have a pile nearly the size of me. The room feels uncluttered and ready for Santa’s next batch of presents to be unloaded. But before I can remove all the items the children appear and toys that haven’t been played with in months are now their greatest ever possession. I make a promise that I will only donate half the pile to the local charity and put away half the pile and we can take it out when they are bored with the toys they have. I was not sure where this would be but they felt happier at this compromise. My husband took the bags to the charity shop and the rest was left in the hall.

My hall was starting to resemble a stock room at this stage and I was beginning the wonder where on earth all of my treasures would go?

I went through wardrobes and decluttered using old suitcases to pack away summer clothes freeing up hanging space for all the visitors luggage and children’s new bulky winter coats that were ordered and should arrive any day. Again the suit cases of summer clothes were pulled and gathered together in the hall.

My husband arrived home with boxes and we packed away summer duvets, books, and anything else we knew would not be used over the next eight weeks or so.

We tackled the garage next and as the children were not playing outside as much we decided that their bikes, scooters, skates etc could also go in the pile. It freed up a great space in order to be our hiding place for any presents so the children could not find them.

Wow my house looked like it had grown in size, we did have one more question where would we put our tree when it needed to go up. There was no way around it we would need to move out one of our couches and to put it in any other room just would not work.

So there we stood with a two seater couch, the contents of a home gym, toys, books, jigsaws, luggage, bulky duverts, bikes, scooters, skates and a partridge and a pear tree!! Where on earth could we put it all? But my husband already had the answer. His company had already used Space Storage to store their additional Christmas stock for the coming period so he thought it might work for us.

He remembered the excellent customer service he received when he initially rang and we were not disappointed with this call either. We spoke to Darren and he arranged everything. We hired a 25 square foot space and loaded everything in my husband’s van and off it went.

It’s all there under lock and key in Space for when the children realise that they really miss their toys or maybe this year I will finally be ready to take the wrapping from my exercise bike!!

Thanks Space Storage my house is now all ready for the festive season.

Hope you enjoyed meeting our customer, the Space Fairy

The Great Attic Clear-Out

Monday, August 28th, 2017

As I open the small door and pull the ladder down for my attic I can honestly say that I have no idea what is even up there. I had vowed to myself that if I didn’t miss it I didn’t need it and with having two small children with an ever growing wardrobe and ability to own every toy that had seemed to be produced in the last six years of their little lives, we needed more space.

I climbed the ladder and decided that today was the day that the clear out began. The first thing that hit me was the endless amount of boxes, 27 in total filled with baby clothes. Then there was the huge box of which I had no idea what was inside. As I opened it and saw my wedding dress I realized that if I didn’t miss it I didn’t need it would be a lot harder than I thought. I mean I didn’t even think it possible that I would use my wedding dress again but how do you get rid of that? I was fast realizing that along with being a place to shove things out of the way the attic was also a trip down memory lane and certain items were just too special to donate or throw away.

As I sat amongst a lifetime of memories, I thought this was going to be the hardest thing to do! How do I decide what stays and what goes? But the space had to be cleared as with the builders arriving in less than a week to create more space for my family, I simply couldn’t put it off any longer.

We carried everything down to clear the attic space out and left it all in the sitting room of my house. Now there was no avoiding it, it had to be sorted. I couldn’t believe the space it created in the attic and certainly our dream of having a music/play room for the kids was now happening.

I started to sort the piles of items into things we wanted to keep and things we could donate. Our local charity shop was more than happy to receive all the children’s clothes and old toys that had been hidden away for so long. We threw out another load of items but then we had a lot of items that we wanted to keep. So in a house of limited storage where on earth do we put it?

It was then I started to research and storage facilities popped up. What a great idea, just the extension of space I would need and it would free up my already over cluttered home.

Space Storage was the first result that popped up and I picked up the phone and called Darren. I had no idea how much space I would need but Darren told me to load up the items and arrive to Space and he could have a look and tell me what I need and I could move in there and then. So that’s just what we did. We loaded up boxes of paper work, wedding dress, Christmas decorations, suitcases and more and drove out to Ballymount.

We moved into a 25 sq foot unit and we were moved in and paperwork completed within an hour. A space to hold my memories and a home ready for the builders! Thanks Space Storage

Hope you enjoyed meeting our customer, the Space Fairy