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Canada for the Summer, Can’t wait!

Friday, May 31st, 2019

I put the final full stop on the page and that was me finished, exams complete now I need to start packing. I had just finished my final exam of my second year in University of a three year degree that I was studying. The feeling of a years’ worth of work complete felt amazing and all the late nights and cramming now felt worth all my hard work.

I left the exam hall with a spring in my step excited of my trip that was only a matter of days away at this stage. I knew I had a little bit of packing left to do before the big trip so I wanted to get straight home and finish that so the holiday could begin.

I had moved to Dublin from Carlow two years ago to study journalism in DCU and had been renting a small flat with a friend while I was studying. Last summer we stayed in Dublin and got jobs so keeping the flat on worked for us. This year we had been offered an amazing opportunity to work in Canada for the whole summer. We would spend ten days in Toronto discovering the city and then travel south to the summer camp where we would work for the coming months. The camp was a kid’s camp and we were so excited about the days spent in the sunshine playing games and enjoying the kids.

As we needed all the spending money we could get our hands on keeping the flat was not an option and three months’ worth of rent could certainly make our trip a lot more enjoyable.

At weekends we would have time to ourselves and had a bucket list of trips and places we wanted to visit while in Canada. Of course Niagara Falls was top of the list and that did not come cheap!

Over the two years of renting, our flat had become our home not just a place to stay and we had filled it with everything possible to give it that homely feeling. We didn’t have any large furniture, but we had boxes filled to capacity with cups, plates, teapots, sheets, books, folders, guitars and a small keyboard. We both loved the outdoor life and had bikes, my friend had a set of golf clubs and believe it or not I even owned my own surf board. Giving up the flat meant finding a home for all of this and the costs we were being quoted to move it to Carlow would have wiped out any chance of us affording Niagara Falls.

So we began searching and that is when we found Space Storage. We went on their website and found what they call a space estimator. We were able to see each unit and space gave an idea of what would fit in each space. We were able to chat on the website to Darren who talked us through what we needed to do. He asked what items we had and then from that was able to decide what size we needed. He then forwarded us on a reservation deposit invoice for €30 which we were also able to pay securely on their website. On move in day we will pay the balance along with the cost of a padlock and that’s it. Darren even put us in contact with a move team and their cost was amazing to move from our flat to the storage Space in Ballymount. It was that easy!

Thanks Space Storage, Canada here we come!!